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TAB-Winnipeg Continues to Grow - Welcomes Newest TAB Board Member - John Anderson

TAB-Winnipeg Continues to Grow - Welcomes Newest TAB Board Member - John Anderson

John completed the check list to qualify for TAB Board membership, was accepted by his fellow
TAB-Winnipeg Board 501 Members and recently attended his first TAB Board meeting.
Welcome John.
John C. Anderson – President, JCA Electronics
118 King Edward St. E, Winnipeg MB, R3H 0N8, (204) 415 1104
John Anderson is President and founder of JCA Electronics which got its start in 2002. 
He is a professional engineer with a mobile equipment design background. 
He received his MBA from the University of Manitoba and gained experience working with a number of OEMs in a variety of capacities and industries prior to starting this company.
JCA is approaching 100 employees and has over 30 engineers, which are doing leading edge, autonomous (or highly automated) electronic controls development (software and hardware) and manufacturing (controllers, sensors, harnesses and control panels). 
John is leading these resources to privately partner with mobile equipment OEMs across North America and is now expanding into the European and South American Markets.


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Six TIPS from October 2018 TAB-Winnipeg Board Meetings

Six TIPS from October 2018 TAB-Winnipeg Board Meetings
1. We had a TAB Spotlight session at our October TAB-Winnipeg Board Meetings to review and compare the services we receive and the price we pay for external accounting services vs the value...... 

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How to Talk with Clients

A big recent take away from my TAB board is how to talk to my clients...

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What If

When you are conducting Risk Management or Planning, challenge your team and yourself to look ahead at the potential outcomes. Ask yourselves...

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Quick Tips

Assistants Can Be Helpful

If customers insist on speaking with you (the owner) all the time, you should consider hiring an assistant who can be helpful with the customers, but also act as the gate keeper.

By : TAB Winnipeg Board 210

Success with Suppliers

Come up with both vetting questions for prospective providers as well as a way to measure their success. This will help ensure that you get good value and establish strong relationships.

By : TAB Denver West Board 451

Don’t Be a Slave to Your Numbers!

Don’t be a slave to your numbers, use them to see where opportunities lie. 

By : TAB Winnipeg Board 210

Staying on After the Sale

When selling your business if you’re staying around during the transition, consider negotiating an employment contract that provides the specific terms and benefits you want versus converting to an At Will employee. Ensure that there are clear exit terms in case things change and you need to exit sooner than planned.

By : TAB Focused Directions